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The problem and why:

  • Pretzel Kids doesn't have any returning users - Information Architecture feels disjointed - users feel lost of where to navigate to

  • Website needs to be realigned to business goals - Pretzel Kids is moving to a B2B model

Meet anna

I know I get a teacher who's good quality because they went through Robyn's process so it becomes less work on our school

Our Solution:

1) Reorganize homepage, global navigation and main site pages for teacher, schools and parents

2) Streamline teacher licensing process


3) Consolidate information on main pages

4) Redesign main circular clickable buttons on homepage

Usability testing:

My team and I conducted three usability tests in person and then nine more on 

Main Takeaways:

  • Global navigation hard to navigate for all three users

  • Secondary navigation not obvious for users

  • Newsletter sign up wasn’t obvious


Did you feel finding the pages was intuitive? 


of users said

not quite


of users said

mostly yes


of users

said yes



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My team and I contracted with Robyn and Pretzel Kids to implement the changes and developers are making them come to life, these are the last steps we worked on:


Redesign the Pretzel Kids website to be able to accomodate the Pretzel Kids yoga teacher sign up process (it is now still on a 3rd party site)

Do more usability testing to make sure new content is user friendly and easy to navigate

Working directly with developers to better implement the changes

IN Conclusion

I learned that content design as well as user experience design was the key to making Pretzel Kids information relevant and easier to access so Pretzel Kids could retain their users and even get users to come back.

Balancing business goals and user goals were a challenge because there were some elements Robyn wanted to keep on her website that users did not understand so we problem solved and found new ways to design them. For example the three main pink buttons on the homepage were a must have so we redesigned to make it more clickable for users. We added the "start here" so it was obvious to users where they should navigate to. 

I am very lucky that I really liked collaborating with my team, with Robyn and the developers.  My team and I just completed our contract working with Pretzel Kids team and we handed off our our final prototype to the developers to implement the new website.


Version 2: Lo-Fi

Robyn loved the three main clickable buttons on the homepage and pushed for the team to keep them. We compromised and collaborated to redesign them to make them more prominent and more clickable for users to find their way around the website

Version 3: Mid-Fi

Luckily Robyn loved the redesign! We continued working on the homepage and moved the "featured in" to right under the clickable buttons because in user interviews people that made them trust Pretzel Kids more.

Version 1: Sketching

My team and I really wanted to focus on why the homepage confused users and how we can make the homepage better navigable. We got rid of the circular clickable buttons because users weren't using them and couldn't find them on the page


My team and I checked out the competition. We decided to compare Thanks for clear communication with our client we were able to pull these competitors and do a product analysis. We looked at Yoga Ed, Cosmic Kids and Kidding Around Yoga.


  • Site is clearly labeled and easily navigable

  • Clear for schools page

  • Resources easy to find


  • Many reviews from current yoga teachers

  • Offers teacher training and community support

  • Offers FAQs for yoga teachers


  • Display contact information in easily accessible place

  • Speak with live representative

  • Easily navigable site


Robyn Parets is a serial entrepreneur who started as a yoga teacher and became a business woman when she saw a need in the market for yoga classes for kids. Her dedication to teachers, school and yoga has only paid off.

Today Pretzel Kids is trusted nationwide for yoga classes for kids and is only growing!


Robyn reached out to us to redesign the Pretzel Kids website to clearly communicate the new B2B model.


Find out why Pretzel Kids doesn't have as many returning users. Figure out how to appeal to the new market and how to structure the website that is more user friendly to the new business model.

Schools resonate with Pretzel Kids values

Quality of program and teachers are most important

Schools don't use website because it sends mixed messages, unclear where to go

Schools were confused on where to find information pertaining to them



From December 2021 - May 2022


School Coordinators

Yoga Teachers



Focused on Schools

  • User Interviews

  • Content Analytics

  • User Flows

  • Wireframes

  • Hi-Fidelity Mockup

  • Prototyping

  • Content Design

  • Visual Design

  • Usability Testing

From Google Analytics

How do we know its a problem:

The old Pretzel Kids website has vague main navigation labels that had multiple landing pages but don't have direct information. Our mission was to optimize the information architecture and content to better guide users and clearly define where user's can find the information they need.

It would be nice if there wasn't so many different pages/apps/websites for communication, classes, resources, etc.  - Pretzel Kids user

Visual Design:

We collaborated with the Pretzel Kids teams to figure out the best way to rebrand the Pretzel Kids website. We used their main colors, condensed fonts to using only two fonts and created clear CTA buttons for users to follow. 

Our main goals:


  • set the tone for how users are being addresses, how pages sound


  • build out all the pages on the website 


  • build brand consistency that all buttons, titles and fonts are consistent

Information architecture: 

Our client at first did not want to make the changes so we went through several rounds of trying to figure out the best possible solution that meets her needs as well as users needs. After further usability testing, we proposed the last option that users understood better and fit Pretzel Kids' goals.

Part of our goal was to get rid of all the landing pages that didn't contain information so we redesigned all the content and consolidate information that should go together. We created a secondary navigation to better allow users to get the information they needed faster.

Advocating for our users:

Our client really pushed us to create a pop up for multiple pages on the site. We really needed to advocate for the users because multiple pop ups can be really frustrating to users and can cause them to leave the site completely. As of now we created a compromise of having one pop up on the homepage. 

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