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HI, I'm Danni!

I'm a graphic designer gone to UX design to empathize more with people and make your desktop or mobile just a little more pretty. Like every small kid, I started my journey crafting but then flourished in art school. I designed fashion to graphics and now ready to take on the tech world!

CREATIVE: arts and craft > fashion design school > graphic design school > UX design bootcamp > still crafting or just sketching in Central Park

EMPATHETIC: A sincere listener always willing to help others 

GROWTH MINDSET: Just a glass half full kind of gal, an eternal optimist always looking to learn and grow

ALWAYS LEARNING: Always looking for a new challenge, from starting my part time business to listening to different point of views

Let's get personal

When I'm not designing you can find me:

  • Israeli Dancing with my friends

  • Cooking allergy friendly foods

  • Exploring NYC 

  • Nerding out on Star Wars, HP or Marvel

  • Making too many puns

  • LinkedIn
  • -31622230213ylqvh58mvc

I started Israeli dancing in high school where I was in a professional performing troupe. Recently I started a local Israeli dance group during the pandemic, just for fun!

Israeli dancing

 when i'm not designing...

Star Wars, Marvel, HP, Game of Thrones, are my jam. 

Nerding out

Pre-pandemic dancing at the Y

Group Star Wars costume for Halloween

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